Project Description

The digital age is characterized by connected services (1). When interacting with them – for example with a smartphone app -, many integrated but not necessarily visible actors can be able to obtain and use personal data. The reason for this is the involvement of third parties, integrated in these services for reasons like application performance management, advertising or even the enabling of further functionalities. This interaction of users with such networked services, especially in service ecosystems, poses particular challenges for data protection (2)._

Connected services create a wide range of opportunities and functions, but they can also lead to the dissemination of personal and personal data, thereby compromising the rights of individuals in relation to privacy. The responsible integration of third parties and the proper handling of data are at the heart of the research project “Information Governance Technologies: Ethics, Policies, Architectures and Engineering.” The project’s focus covers not only technical concepts (3, 4, 5), but also to processes and, more generally, to a regulatory framework for the use of IT which is not only driven by technology, but takes into account the social, ethical and legal implications (6) from the very beginning in order to lead to a responsible handling of data in networked ecosystems.

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The project is funded by the Behörde für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gleichstellung der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg.


As one of a total of eleven Hamburg’s selected research projects, the project receives funding of up to 1.75 million euros over a term of 3.5 years starting at the 01.07.2017. The aim of the state research funding is to support the research priorities at Hamburg’s state universities and their cooperation partners in addition to their basic funding and to enable them to successfully procure federal or EU funds.