Privacy concerns with the Corona App?

Privacy concerns could make many potential users hesitant to use the Bluetooth-based app to contain the pandemic, as outlined by the developers. The President of the German Gesellschaft für Informatik Prof. Dr. Hannes Federrath, who is a member of the research project, considers the app harmless under certain conditions. He announced this in the fact check for “maischberger. die woche” broadcast on 01.04.2020:

“Bluetooth technology, as it is to be used in the case of the targeted Corona app, has the advantage over the use of, for example, location data from mobile radio that the distances to other smartphones in the vicinity can be measured very precisely and are only stored locally in the mobile phone. No movement profiles are created by the user and all data is stored under constantly changing identifiers. The main purpose of this app is to determine whether someone has been at a distance of less than two meters from an infected person for a long time. The identity of the user is not necessary for the notification at all and should therefore not be stored anywhere. If the data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored for a limited period of time – 21 days – there is no reason why this application should not be used from the point of view of data protection law and IT security.”