AMCIS 2018 in New Orleans: Project IGT represented with two contributions

Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) is an annual conference sponsored by the Association for Information Systems for scientists and information technology professionals with over 600 submissions each year and provides a platform for Panel discussions and the presentation of research papers.

In the first article “Privacy by Design to Comply with GDPR: A Review on Third-Party Data Processors” by Christian Kurtz, Martin Semmann and Tilo Böhmann, the previous research results are analyzed as part of the implementation of the concept “Privacy by Design.”
 The focus is on Service Ecosystems and the actors such as Service Platforms, Fronend Services or Backend Services, which play a role in the spread of personal data. The results show clear research gaps of research contributions dealing with the implementation of “Privacy by Design.” The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force, also includes the concept (Article 25) and thus poses major challenges for companies.


In the second article “Towards an Extended Enterprise Architecture Meta-Model for Big Data – A Literature-based Approach” by Fabian Burmeister, Paul Drews and Ingrid Schirmer, the current state of research into the integration of bi
g data in Corporate architectures. Despite the timeliness and urgency of the topic, significant research gaps have been identified, specifically the need for elements to model big data. On the basis of this, significant challenges were raised from literature by big data and deductively transformed into stakeholder concerns in order to develop a corporate architecture meta-meta-model for big data based on this.