Symposium "Information Governance of algorithmic decision-making systems"

The symposium in Berlin on the topic “Information Governance of algorithmic decision-making systems” in the framework programme of the #INFORMATIK2018 was very well attended with more than 70 participants.

Welcome and introduction – Hannes Federrath (President of the Society for Computer Science/University of Hamburg)

In addition to the lecture “Big Data, Algorithms and Regulation from an ethical point of view” from Prof. Dr. Judith Simon (Data Ethics Commission of the Federal Government/University of Hamburg), there were other interesting presentations such as “Algorithm-based pricing and protection of competition” by Achim Wambach (President of the Centre for European Affairs and Chairman of the German Monopoly Commission) as well as the lecture “Privacy Engineering” by Stefan Schiffner (Université du Luxembourg). This resulted in a very broad and interdisciplinary mix for the listeners.

Lecture “Big Data, Algorithms and Regulation from an Ethical Perspective” – Judith Simon (Federal Government Data Ethics Commission/University of Hamburg)

Finally, following the presentations, there was a panel discussion on “Digital Development Debates-Responsibility and Governance in the Digital Realm” with international representatives such as Didier Nkurikiyimfura (, Rwanda), Dev Lewis (Digital Asia Hub, Hong Kong, China) and Dr. Stefan Schiffner (Université du Luxembourg). There was also political participation with MinR Dr. Rudolf Gridl (Federal Ministry of Economics, Department of Internet Governance and International Digital Dialogue) as well as project participation with media researcher Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz (Hans Bredow Institute Hamburg).

Joint Panel with Conference “Digital Development Debates”:
Responsibility and Governance in the Digital Realm